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We Are SO Over Winter

Just as we see a glimmer of sunshine on the horizon, we're hit with another wintry mix. When will this mess end? Haven't we done enough scraping, shoveling and salting? Can we break out the grill yet?

If you've had enough "comfort food," or you're still "stewing" about your last slow-cooker concoction, think spring with a few dishes you can easily prepare that will brighten your days and your palate. Try our recipe for Pistachio-Crusted Cod.Crunchy pistachios, juicy lemon and fresh sprigs of thyme are just what you need to boost your winter doldrums. Nothing says "spring" more than artichokes, lemon and fresh herbs. Our recipe for Artichoke and Mushroom Chicken takes only minutes to prepare.

Brighten up your pantry and your palate with fresh herbs and spring greens, such as arugula and escarole. Sweet campari tomatoes and fresh goat cheese, such as Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese with Herbs, are not only refreshing in salads, they're delicious roasted with fresh asparagus, or as a topping for pizza.

So, hang in there just a little longer. Spring is almost here. If you think it -- and you taste it -- it will come.